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The Dynamic Trio

Introducing the Co-Founders of Unlimited Life! 

Embark on a journey of transformation and growth with this dynamic group behind Unlimited Life, an extraordinary empowerment company that helps individuals realize their fullest potential in every aspect of life - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Transformation and empowerment flourish under the guidance of this remarkable family team. Meet the visionary trio, alongside their exceptional mother and CEO, Yolanda Wiggins, who serves as the company's transformation coach. Together, they create a powerful force, propelling you towards a life of boundless possibilities.

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Lester Axson, Jr.

- The Visionary Motivator

Meet Lester Axson, Jr., the eldest sibling and visionary motivator of the team. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Campbell University, Lester Jr. possesses a natural gift for inspiring others to unlock their hidden talents and push their boundaries. With his charismatic communication skills and empathetic approach, he plays a pivotal role in guiding clients to identify and pursue their goals with unwavering determination.

But that's not all – Lester Jr. is also a prolific author and renowned motivational speaker. Through his captivating books and powerful speeches, he reaches out to a broader audience, touching lives and igniting the flames of motivation and self-belief. His passion for empowering others forms the foundation of Unlimited Life's mission to create positive, lasting change in people's lives. With his unique blend of inspiration and practical guidance, Lester Jr. continues to be a driving force in transforming countless lives for the better.

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Lance T.R. Axson

Tech-Infused Aromas

Lance Axson is a catalyst for transformation fueled by cutting-edge technology. With a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Qualys certifications in Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, and PCI Compliance, Lance ensures Unlimited Life's empowerment solutions are technologically advanced and secure. His innovative integration of technology with personal growth strategies brings unparalleled efficiency to the journey of self-discovery.

Beyond his tech-savvy brilliance, Lance also possesses a profound passion for fragrance. As the mastermind behind the company's successful fragrance line, he artfully combines his technological expertise with his love for scent creation. The result is an exceptional collection of captivating fragrances that symbolize empowerment, transformation, and personal growth, adding a unique dimension to the company's mission. Lance's dual role as the creator of the fragrance line and the tech-driven catalyst reflects his multi-faceted approach to innovation, propelling Unlimited Life towards a future where technology and empowerment harmoniously intertwine, redefining the path of self-discovery.

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Valencia Axson

The Holistic Strategist

Meet Valencia Axson, the Holistic Strategist of Unlimited Life. As the youngest sibling in the family, she brings a unique and holistic perspective to the company's empowerment endeavors. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems, Valencia combines her analytical acumen with a deep understanding of individual growth.

Through her well-rounded approach, her role goes beyond just analyzing data and understanding personal development; she also excels in social media management, using her strategic insights to effectively connect with the audience and foster a supportive community.

By blending her diverse skills and her commitment to creating a positive and empowering environment, Valencia significantly amplifies the impact of Unlimited Life's transformative programs. Clients not only benefit from her analytical expertise but also from the sense of community and belonging she cultivates through social media, making their journeys towards personal growth even more fulfilling and enriching.

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Together, Lester Jr., Lance, Valencia, and Yolanda form an unstoppable family team at the helm of Unlimited Life, where empowerment knows no bounds. Their collective dedication to uplifting others physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially fuels a movement of positive change in the lives of countless individuals. Join this remarkable family and embark on a transformative journey towards a life of empowerment and boundless possibilities.

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